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Don’t View an Infringement as a Lottery Ticket by William Brees, Esq.
  The United States District Court for the Northern District of California recently granted a Motion for Summary Judgment in case that should remind potential plaintiffs not to sleep on their rights. In Dropbox, Inc. v. Thru Inc., the Court granted Dropbox, Inc. summary judgment on Thru, Inc.’s counterclaims for trademark infringement under the Lanham […]
Federal Circuit: Institution of a Covered Business Method review requires the claims to be more than “incidental to” or “complementary to” financial activity by Stephen Lewellyn, Esq.
On November 21, 2016, in Unwired Planet, LCC v. Google Inc., the Federal Circuit issued yet another precedential opinion on patent review by the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB). Unwired’s patent is directed toward a method of allowing users to set privacy policies to restrict access to a wireless device’s location. The PTAB found […]
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